Make Money From Tiktok In 2023 [100% Working Method]

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 Announcement: TikTok, the popular video-sharing application, is announcing funds for creators who create viral effects and filters. 

The TikTok Effects Creator Rewards Program has allocated $6 million to creators of the most viral effects and filters on the platform. The payment process is contingent on how many videos have used their shared effects and filters.

Make Money From Tiktok

Effect creators whose effects are used in 500,000 videos within 90 days will receive $700. After surpassing the threshold of 500,000 videos in 90 days, an additional $140 will be paid for every 100,000 videos. 

This means that if your filter is used 1 million times within 90 days, TikTok will pay you $1,400.

Each person is allowed one video per day. If someone creates 10 videos of the same filter in one day, it will be counted as one.

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