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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Top 10 SEO YouTubers You Should Subscribe to Right Now

Top 10 SEO YouTubers You Should Subscribe to Right Now

YouTube has becoming more popular day by day. Nowadays, people have started using YouTube for different purposes. With great ideas, you too can build your own YouTube channel as per your interest. If you are into digital marketing industry, you can gain more knowledge of latest trends in the field by exploring various YouTube Channels. In this article, we have listed top 10 SEO YouTubers you should subscribe right away.

Before we jump on to the list of best YouTube Channels, you should know about your basic requirements first. If you hire a Digital Marketing Company for your business, the team will manage everything easily, and help you to improve productivity of your business. Let’s get on to the list now!

Top 10 SEO YouTubers You Should Subscribe.

1.Search Engine Journal 

Search Engine Journal is effectively working on the latest trends which are happening in the industry. Search Engine Optimization is now a big industry and this YouTube channel provides regular news of Search Engine and its updates. The channel also uploads regular videos of the latest guides and how-tos.


When it comes to digital marketing industry, Moz comes first. This channel has been providing digital news and guides since forever. The channel regularly updates with latest SEO news, guides, how-to guides, software news and much more. You will be updated with new trends and news by subscribing to this channel.


Link building is the most effective way to rank your website well on the Google Search Engine. When you learn about building backlinks, you will taste success very soon with your website. This channel keeps you up to date with latest and effective strategies.

4.Dan Ray

Dan Ray is another link builder who always shares his new strategies to work with link building of your website. Dan Ray shares his knowledge by creating videos to help people improve their link building in SEO. The same person has an active Facebook Group with like-minded people where they can discuss and build success stories.

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-in-one Digital Marketing Solution provider having a massive fan following in the industry. The channel itself has over 1,000 videos related to Digital Marketing. The website updates almost daily with new video tutorials and how-to guides. If you are working in the digital marketing industry, SEMRush provides best of knowledge to become a successful digital marketer of the new generation.


AHREFS is currently one of the best and highly useful software for Search Engine Optimization. Their YouTube channel shares regular video tutorials with how to guides and more. By following their videos, you can create your own campaigns and can generate new ideas about improve SEO performance of the website.

7. Google Webmaster Help

Google is undoubtedly the most popular platform Search Engine. Every website owner needs to understand the basics of SEO by following Google’s Webmaster Help. The channel serves tutorials and how to guides to walk on the right path in the digital marketing platform. The channel also uploads new videos of latest updates from Google which are essential to follow.

8. Unbounce

If you are searching for a way to improve the conversion rate of your website, then Unbounce is the best YouTube channel available for you. Landing Pages and Conversion Rates are the most effective ways to focus to improve the SEO Performance of your website. Your duty is to follow the how-to tutorials and guides which update regularly on their YouTube Channel.

9. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is all about the websites which are related to latest news. The channel keeps every digital marketer up to date with new SEO trends and updates. They also upload regular video tutorials to improve your website’s performance.

10. Digital Marketing Institute

As the name suggests, this YouTube Channel is all about learning and understanding latest trends of digital marketing industry. This channel acts like an educational institute to educate digital marketers to stay up to date with new digital marketing trends and latest Google updates. The Channel has over 5,000 Subscribers with numerous video tutorials.

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